SHANTA GHAR – a pure Eco homestay


Shanta Ghar “peace home” is a rustic and natural Eco resort in the remote grassland area of beautiful Madi all surrounded by jungle. In the 1950’s people from Pokhara migrate into Madi in search of new civilization. People started agriculture and clear Jungle. It was open 10 years ago when they got their first road. Before that it was not possible to cross the jungle into Madi for the protection of wildlife elephants, tigers, bears, rhinos and other colorful bird life.

Shanta Ghar is made of the famous Sal wood and is handmade by local carpenters in the old Nepali traditional way. The resort has 8 nicely decorated rooms. 06 rooms in the Sal House, where the top floor have 2 deluxe rooms surrounded by balcony, we also have a stone house with 2 round rooms. 5 rooms have attached bathrooms. Shanta Ghar accommodates 16 to 24 people. The Sal house has a huge living room for our entire guest to enjoy.
On the top of the Stone House we have an open spacious hall for yoga meditation and cultural activities.
We arrange Jungle Trek, jungle camp (2-3 days), bird watching by local trained guides, Ox- cart in the villages, Nepalese cooking courses, or you can just relax in the garden, where our mango and lemon trees grows, and watch the sunrise until the sunset.

Shanta Ghar Resort serves vegetarian food but if you wish meat dishes you are welcome to visit our Road House Restaurant and hang out with friendly locals from Tamta Bazaar.

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David Dixon , Italy

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