Into the Asia is a Team of travel professionals from Asia based in Nepal with the mission of operating responsible adventure activities, cultural, social, volunteer and Eco homestay trips at Himalayan destinations.

It is a lethal combination of highly expertise team members each having ample experience in their fields that together work in an organic quality to provide quality service ensuring cent percent satisfaction of the visitors. We abide by the principle of implementing quality service during visits in an outmost detailed manner maintaining perfection from top to bottom. Be it the journey of a hundred miles or a short walk for fifteen minutes, every foot that we set in is worth it. There are various means of traveling but all is oriented towards the love for nature, wonderful views, cultural exchange, and brotherhood – especially to feel the ultimate freedom and peace for our human mind and give a break to ourselves from the stress we endure.

Our Mission

The world as a global village ties us up by the virtues of humanity keeping at bay the social constructions of languages and culture in which we feel that traveling is a major mean. Our virtue lays in doing motivational trips by leading you to the real ancient path of the Himalayan kingdom to the top of the world at Mt. Everest 8848m and other mostly untouched shepherd trails as well as developed, villager-carved trails, exploring the heritage, culture, and luxurious amenities of the city.

We treat you like our family which is beyond just a professional commitment and try harder than almost anyone to make sure you have the best experience and all our itineraries are planned with acclimatization in mind. We ensure loyalty and our mutual goal is to love nature, brotherhood, and cultural experience, build confidence and satisfaction and create true peace for the human mind.

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