Nepal Cultural Exchange Trip

Transportation, Home Stay

Nepal is blessed with one of the richest cultures in the world. Culture has been called ‘the way of life for an entire society The statement holds particularly true in case of Nepal where every aspect of life, food, clothing and even occupations are culturally guided. The culture of Nepal includes the codes of manners, dress, language, rituals, norms of behavior and systems of belief.

Nepal sanctified with a rich unique culture. Its Social ritual and traditions are consisted as the way of life for entire society. Over the centuries the cultural heritage of Nepal has developed. The multi dimensional cultural tradition includes within itself. The cultural varieties of different social groups reside in various elevations in diverse form. Culture in Nepal is a collection of music & dance, art & craft, folklore & folktales, languages & literature, faith & values, festivals & celebration, foods & drinks.

It is amazing to notice that a country being poor, uneducated and backward as Nepal presents such flexibility when it comes to include feature from other culture. This land is rich with cultural groups like Tharu, Yadav, Braman, Chhetri, Newar and others. The only reasons that tourist from far and wide enjoyed coming Nepal time and again is, Nepalese are among the most hospitable hosts. They are culturally warm and friendly hosts who place their heart above their head. Religion is the livelihood of the Nepalese.

This is the program of cultural exchange with a local family. You will spend a couple of days as a part of family which will be life time experiments. You will explore the daily life, culture, places, temples, people, customs, hospitality, cooking, living style.


  Welcome drinks, Introduction of family and culture
  Programs: Meeting Neighbors, Chating, Explore their daily life
  Walk to the narrow streets of local area, visit temples BaghBhairav, Umamaheshower, Chiloncho Bihar and many Chi Balal.
  Meet Mr. Ramkrishna Bhandari: A famous stone sculpture artist.
  Newari lunch
  Learning cooking methods of Newari items
  Evening: Small get together party and dinner with family
  Overnight at home

  Early morning local breakfast (Tea, Roti, Fulaura roti, fruits, Juice)
  Hiking at Champa Devi – Full day 4 Hrs
  Picnic lunch at Champadevi and down to White house
  Tea Coffee break at White house
  Walk down to the Tau Daha Lake
  Drive to Chovar – Visit Manjushree Cave & Chovar Monastery
  Back to home on time
  Dinner at Ka:shi restaurant

  Early morning local breakfast
  Departure transfer

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